Sunglasses GEM Black – polarized



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The GEM BLACK sports sunglasses are quality and functional sunglasses with a matte black frame and yellow details that look very elegant.

These glasses have gold REVO polarized lenses with protection category #3, which means they provide a high level of UV protection and are suitable for normal sun conditions.

Thanks to the polarized lenses, the GEM goggles eliminate reflections from the water surface, snow and other surfaces, ensuring a clear and comfortable view without distracting glare. This is very useful for driving, sports activities or nature walks, for example.

Overall, GEM glasses are a great choice for athletes and active people looking for quality sunglasses with high UV protection and polarization to improve vision.


  • Polarized sunglasses
  • gold REVO lenses
  • black frame
  • great fitting design
  • Sun protection category: 3
UV filter

100% UVA, UVB, UV400

Filter category

S3 – transmission 8-18%

Lens type


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