Ski helmet REINDEER for kids



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The Laceto children’s ski helmet is suitable for all children with a head circumference between 48 and 52 cm.

The helmet with a reindeer has an adjustable size, using the swivel wheel on the back of the helmet.

There is also a ski goggle attachment above the wheel. This is where you place their strap and ensure that they don’t fall off and get lost while skiing.

To keep your head and ears comfortable while skiing, the Laceto helmet has a warm faux fur shell that retains heat beautifully. At the same time, it has ventilation holes that help protect against sweating.

For a comfortable fit, there is padding on the adjustable strap under the chin to protect against uncomfortable strap compression.

The Laceto REINDEER helmet is decorated with a iamge of a cute reindeer enjoying the snow.

  • Note: it is not possible to attach a folding visor on this helmet.

Size: XS

Adjustable circumference: 48-52 cm

Weight: 300 g

Material: PC, EPS, Nylon

Standard: EN 1077


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