RANGER Black – photochromic


Photochromic sunglasses Laceto RANGER Black.

The black matte frame with non-slip end caps and beam form the basis of these great photochromic sunglasses.

The photochromic visor of RANGER sunglasses adjust their light transmission in response to light conditions.

If you are in the shade the sunglasses are beautifully clear and do not restrict you in any way and let all the light through.

If you are in sunlight, depending on its intensity, the visor darken to a transmittance of only 8 – 18% of UV radiation, i.e. category S3.

For the most comfortable wearing, the RANGER sunglasses have adjustable inclination of the temples and nosepads, so everyone can adjust them according to their needs.


  • Photochromic smoked glass
  • Sun protection category: S0 – S3
  • Light transmission: 100 – 8% depends on lighting conditions
  • Filter: U.V. 100%
  • Adjustable temples and nosepads
Filter category

Photochromic S0-S3

Frame color







Photochromic, Pure, Smoked

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