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Laceto POWER ski goggles are the ideal accessory for snowboarding or skiing.

The simple but effective combination of black frame with pink goggles fits any winter outfit that you enjoy skiing down the slopes in.

The soft EPS foam material prevents snow or wind from getting in your eyes.

The same material covers the holes in the goggles, which serve to ventilate and prevent unpleasant fogging.

Easily adjustable elastic strap to fit your head or helmet.

Thanks to the pink visor with S1 filter, you’ll have a great skiing experience even in low light conditions.

The POWER goggles have OTG adjustment so they are suitable for use with dioptric goggles on.

  • Pink single-coated PC lens cat.1
  • matte white frame
  • ventilation holes
  • adjustable elastic strap
  • OTG treatment
  • Material: PC, TPU, Nylon, EPS
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