LT-FLAKE, for Kids


Children´s ski goggles Laceto LT-FLAKE will provide to your kids all comfort that is needed for skiing or snowboarding.Thanks to the universal frame, the goggles fit to every kid helmet. Super Anti-Fog and Flow Tech Venting systems guarantee perfect clear view. Ski goggles LT-FLAKE reflect most of the bright light which is suitable for skiing in alpine regions but useful even for common recreational skiing.

Imaginary dot of the whole comfort of the goggles is enhanced by soft fleece top layer, which does not rub or create an uncomfortable deformation of the skin.

Within the package you will find fabric pouch made of microfibre – it can be used for cleaning the lens.


The Flow Tech Venting system helps to reduce the fogging of the lenses through vents in the frame. It optimizes the air flow inside the goggles and skier gets the perfect view.


Super Anti – Fog is special layer, that with the Flow Tech Venting system prevents the fogging of the lenses.


Triple Layer Face Foam is three-layer foam that perfectly isolates and brings new comfort to skiing. Together with the Anti – Fog system creates beautiful undistorted view, which is worth to try.

<li>Great view</li>
<li>Gold REVO lens</li>
<li>Flow Tech Venting system</li>
<li>Super Anti – Fog system</li>
<li>Triple Layer Face Foam</li>
<li>Double lens</li>
<li>UV protection</li>
<li>Filtes category S2</li>
<li>Transmittance 18-43%</li>
<li>Adjustable strap length</li>
<li>Material: outer lens – polycarbonate, inner lens – acetate,frame – PU</li>

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