Sport sunglasses Laceto LT-CROSS have wide and undisorted field of view, aerodynamic shape and hinged visor. They are great for biathlon, but you can use them for ordinary cross-county skiing. Sunglasses have great air flowing and anti-fog. Thanks to adjustable belt and foam softening the LT-CROSS are holding on place with comfortable wearing.

We made LT-CROSS sunglasses in three types:

BLUE – blue REVO lens, UV filtre category S3, Transmitance 8-18%

ORANGE – orange lens, UV filtre category S1, Transmitance 43-80%

WHITE – clear lens without UV filtre, Transmitance 80-100%, good for reduced light conditions

<li>Great view</li>
<li>Clear lens</li>
<li>Transmitance: 80-100%</li>
<li>Adjustable belt</li>