HENRY BLACK – Photochromic


With our photochromic sunglasses, you can play sports with the confidence that your eyes are safe and your vision is always perfect.

Photochromic sunglasses are a great accessory for sports, cycling and casual wear.

PC glasses with this treatment automatically adapt to light conditions. In strong light, the glasses darken and filter up to 92% of the sun’s rays. In dark conditions, the glasses are almost clear and do not restrict the view.

The frame of the HENRY goggles is made of high quality TR90 material and is complete with an adjustable beam for maximum comfort.

You can also adjust the shape of the tips for the most comfortable fit.

For longer life, HENRY glasses come with a hard zippered case and a microfiber cloth cover that can be used to clean the glasses at the same time.

Lens type






Frame color


Filter category

Photochromic S1-S3

UV filter

100% UVA, UVB

Frame material


Lens material


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