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Safety, style and performance: the RASTRO cycling helmet

A bike helmet is an indispensable part of your cycling gear, and the RASTRO helmet combines safety with sleek design and exceptional features.

Our helmet uses In-Mold construction that meets all safety standards, ensuring maximum protection during your ride.

Matte black design with elegance: The helmet and its features are done in a matte black design, adding a touch of elegance and dynamism.

Ventilation for more comfort: the helmet is equipped with 23 air vents for optimal air circulation and comfort during your ride.

Safety first: There is a three-function LED flasher on the back – permanent illumination and two flashing modes – which increases your visibility on the road and provides an extra layer of safety. It is rechargeable via the included USB cable.

Removable visor: The removable visor is there for your convenience and flexibility, allowing you to customize the sun protection to your preference.

Convenience First: The helmet features a comfortable antibacterial lining and an adjustable circumference with a wheel at the back of the head, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. An adjustable chin strap ensures the helmet stays in place throughout the ride.

Choose the RASTRO bike helmet and take to the road with maximum safety, exceptional design and practical features that allow you to enjoy every ride with ease.


Helmet size: M (55-59 cm), L (58-62 cm)

Helmet weight: 250 g / 270 g

Helmet material: EPS

Outer shell material: PC

Standard: EN 1078


M, L

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