Cycling helmet RAPIDO BLACK



RAPIDO cycling helmets are designed to match the RAPIDO photochromic sunglasses, which you can see here: RAPIDO SUNGLASSES

Safety and elegance in one: RAPIDO cycling helmet

A cycling helmet is an indispensable part of your cycling equipment and the RAPIDO helmet combines safety with exceptional design.

Our helmet uses an In-Mold construction that meets all safety standards, ensuring maximum protection during your ride.

The helmet’s matte black colour stands out thanks to the glossy elements that add a touch of elegance and style.

More options with the adjustable visor: The adjustable visor can be placed in three different positions, allowing you to customize the sun protection to your preference.

Convenience first: The helmet features a comfortable antibacterial lining and an adjustable circumference with a wheel at the back of the head, ensuring comfort and a secure fit. An adjustable chin strap ensures the helmet stays in place throughout the ride.

With a total of 17 ventilation holes, your ride will be comfortable even on warm days. The first three vents are also equipped with a grille to prevent insects from entering.

Choose the RAPIDO bike helmet and get on the road with maximum safety, unique design and the comfort you deserve.


Helmet size: M (55-58 cm), L (59-61 cm)

Helmet weight: 320 g / 360 g

Helmet material: EPS

Outer shell material: PC

Standard: EN 1078


M, L

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