Cycling helmet FUERTE GREEN



Safety and style in one: FUERTE Cycling Helmet

A bicycle helmet is essential equipment for every cyclist, and the FUERTE helmet combines safety and excellent design into one product.

In-Mold Construction.

Dark blue design with elegance: The dark green color of the helmet is complemented by a removable black visor that not only protects from sunlight but also adds elegance.

Comfort as a priority. The adjustable chin strap ensures that the helmet stays in place.

The sophisticated ventilation system: 17 air vents ensure optimal airflow, while the first three are protected by a grille that prevents the entry of unpleasant insect visitors during the ride.

Choose the FUERTE cycling helmet and prioritize not only safety but also exceptional design for your cycling adventures.


Helmet size: M (54-57 cm), L (58-61 cm)

Helmet weight: 320 g / 340 g

Helmet material: EPS

Outer shell material: PC

Standard: EN 1078


M, L

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