Children’s cycling helmet CHICA S



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Safety and elegance in one: the CHICA helmet for little cyclists

A child’s cycling helmet is an essential element when cycling, and the CHICA helmet brings together safety and stunning design in one product.

Our helmet uses an In-Mold construction that fully meets all safety standards. Your child will be assured of maximum protection.

Cute Design.

Comfort First: The helmet features a comfortable liner and an adjustable circumference that you can easily adjust using the wheel on the back of the helmet. The adjustable chin strap ensures a firm and secure fit.

Ventilation for comfort. The first three vents are also equipped with a grille to prevent unwanted insects from entering during the ride.

Choose the CHICA helmet and give your child not only safety, but also a distinctive and stylish accessory for their cycling adventures.


Helmet size: S (51-54 cm)

Weight: 200 g

Helmet material: EPS

Outer shell material: PC

Standard: EN 1078

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