Laceto ARCTIC ski goggles for all winter sports fans, ideal for use on skis and snowboards.

The combination of blue and black allows you to easily match the rest of the outfit.

The soft chinlon foam material prevents snow or wind from getting in your eyes.

Blue REVO visior is covered with anti-fog layer.

Openings in the glass ensure smooth ventilation.

The easily adjustable elastic strap can be adjusted to suit your head or helmet and the silicone coating ensures it’s non-slip.

Thanks to the blue REVO visior with S3 filter, you can comfortably enjoy snowy slopes even on the brightest days.

  • Blue REVO PC lens cat.3
  • matte black frame
  • adjustable elastic strap
  • non-slip silicone layer
  • Material: PC, TPU, Chinlon
  • transport bag
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S3 – light transmission 8-18%

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