ACE Grey – Photochromic


Laceto ACE Grey sunglasses are the ideal companion for sports and casual wear.

The black plastic frame perfectly complements the subtle colour transition to grey.

ACE Grey glasses have special photochromic lenses that change the filter of the glasses according to the intensity of the incident sunlight. When the glasses are in a dark environment, the lenses are clear without a filter (S0). As soon as you go out in strong sunlight, the glasses darken (up to S3).

For a comfortable fit, the ACE sunglasses have an adjustable frame.

Rubberized temple tips help to ensure that the glasses do not slip.

Small holes in the glass in turn better ventilate the air and prevent fogging of the glasses.

The package includes a microfiber pouch in which you can wear the glasses when you do not have them on.

Frame material: TR90
Lens material: PC
Filter category: S0 → S3
Glass Color: Clear → Smoked


Barva rámečku

Black, Grey

Kategorie filtru

Photochromic S0-S3









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